Mission Statement

The King’s Storehouse Food Bank is a nondenominational Christian organization which distributes food from a central location to nonprofit organizations who feed the needy of East Texas and surrounding areas. The King’s Storehouse helps feed the hungry with the purpose of showing God’s love through His Son, Jesus Christ.

What Makes Us Different?

Our mission. Although we provide food to religious and secular nonprofits, our purpose is to show God’s love through his Son, Jesus Christ. Matthew 25:35

So, how does that affect our operations? – It affects our sources of food. We do not receive food from government or commodities programs. We buy about 70-75% of our food. The remaining 25-30% is donated primarily by local businesses.

Why not participate in these programs to get free or inexpensive food? – Our mission. We want to provide food to every nonprofit that feeds the hungry. We can’t do this if we participate in these programs.

If we receive food from any USDA commodities or government programs, or join organizations that receive food from these programs, then all our nonprofits must comply with government regulations imposed by these programs. Regulations regarding posting signs, distribution of food, whether attendance to a meeting is required before food is distributed, additional reporting, income assessments, to name a few. Some nonprofits may wish to participate and others may not. These decisions are up to our nonprofits, not us. Our decision is to provide food to every nonprofit that feeds the hungry.

How else are you different? – We have no paid administrative personnel, CEO, marketing/advertising employs, or secretaries. Our volunteers and Board give us their time to fill these tasks. Every paid employee bags, loads, or orders food.